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About Us

Ironsteel has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing safety and occupational footwear. We produce safety & occupational footwear that conforms to the European standard (CE EN ISO 20345:2011 and EN ISO 20347:2012), Australian and New Zealand standard (QAS) and American Standard (ASTM).


Ironsteel are now selling in Australia, Chile, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Scandinavia, Singapore, Spain, India and Taiwan.

Ironsteel footwear innovates and integrates technologies into our range of safety and occupational footwear to match and surpass the quality products our customers are expecting. The integration of technologies such as the BOA® Fit System, Poron XRD® insole, Gravity® Outsole, HDry® from Italy and Sympatex® from Germany allows Ironsteel products to remain on the top of the market.

Ironsteel achieves premium standards to guarantee optimal quality and performance through thoroughly testing the materials and functions of our product. All materials are tested for tear and abrasion resistance, flexibility, breathability, water vapour permeability, pH and Azo dyes. We also complete slip resistant tests for the outsole, anti-static tests and penetration resistance tests to name a few. Ironsteel ensures all tests are achieved without the sacrifice of comfort, style and the aesthetics of the shoe.


Ironsteel’s prominence in the safety footwear market and our firm foundation allows us to provide the latest trends of high-quality safety and occupational footwear catered to the market demand. Our research and development team are responsible for maintaining and prioritising top quality with high technology integrated into our products. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of the safety and occupational footwear market and will aspire to do so for centuries to come.

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